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Mu Legend Incorporates Three Separate Levelling Systems

Mu Legend empowers its gamers with an fast-paced as well as action-driven gameplay experience. Based on the best hack-and-slash tradition. Mu Legend is different from most current action RPG games. Originally, all classes in Mu Legend possess powerful area-of-effect skills. It dedicated to providing a...

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Mu Legend: A Huge Range Of Different PvE And PvP Options

With this new CBT focusing on localisation implementation, players from Europe, North/South America and all over the world are expected to arrive on the continent of MU. Webzen has established many press partnerships, allowing players to secure access to MU Legend’s second CBT from their...

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Mu Legend 4 Classes As Well As The New Emphasizer

In Mu Legend, monsters’ DPS will increase exponentially as players level up. Compared to previous version, and gamers can expect more gameplay for wilderness maps. To name a few, random monsters with rare equipment, monster invasion, and newly added wilderness bosses for 20 gamers. In...

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