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FFXIV themeparks and sandboxes

And that is a bad thing. Sure, your sandbox features a great housing system, but so does The Sims 3, and the latter doesn’t abandon me in a featureless wasteland that eschews actual content in favor of letting me choose my final destination (here’s a hint: All those destinations are grinding). Yes, Mr. Themepark, I see you chuckling in the background, but your single leveling path followed by the exact same huge-group gear-grabbing jamboree is not better, just annoying in a different way.

I hate two kinds of MMO: themeparks and sandboxes.
Much like “nerf,” these are two terms that have been beaten into the ground until they no longer have any intrinsic meaning. FFXIV Gold┬áThe original “themepark” game was freaking EverQuest, which is not what anyone thinks of when he uses the term in a more modern sense. There’s more concern given to whether or not a game fits into a given category than whether or not it’s actually fun to play.