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As you know first goal of the season winner has announced

With over 43 per cent of the votes, Hassan Nouman’s goal has been voted as the best Goal of Season 1! Nouman employed Gareth Bale’s speed and technique to full effect against the Belgium backline to record his impressive goal. You can view the player from Pakistan’s sensational goal by clicking on the video above. ….  Read More

3DM reported that it’s been able to crack the latest DRM system

3DM has reported that it’s been able to crack the latest DRM system, Denuvo, that was used in FIFA 15, Lords of the Fallen and Dragon Age: Inquisition.Denuvo has been a great DRM system as it was able to protect FIFA 15 for two months and Lords of the Fallen for one whole month. And ….  Read More

Electronic Arts Has Been Released

Electronic Arts is nearing the release of its latest football ‘simulator’, FIFA 15, and in preparation for the launch they have been releasing updates about the game that players can expect when it comes out. FIFA 15 is set to release on the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and the Xbox One. The PC ….  Read More

Our favorite FIFA 15 Slider Set For Career Mode

As for players who like FUFA15 , that  is an unwieldy beast that is unbalanced in a lot of areas and downright flawed in others. Despite that though, an entertaining game of footy can still be had, especially in career mode where the new tactical elements, the BPL integration, and the overall polish of the game really ….  Read More

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As a leader in the fifa coins trade market, we are the cheapest place to buy FIFA coins. You will enjoy cheap price for fifa 15 coins online every day! Fifa 15 Coins PS3/PS4, Fifa 15 Coins XBOX are the hot consoles coins in our site. If you want to build the perfect team of ….  Read More