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NBA 2K17 Glitch Report After Patch 1.06

This glitch report mainly focus on PS4 console, some gamers post their giltches after patch 1.06, and these glitches happen more in MyTeam mode. Widely Fast Breaks Glitch Glitch Description: Players often run into the referees without any precedence during fast breaks, typically killing the momentum. An example of this would be, in MyTeam Historic ….  Read More

NBA 2K17 Roster Updated: Glitch Scoring System Still Not Cured

On September 20,2016, NBA 2K17 was launched in the market, nonetheless, from then until now, there have been lots of reports coming in regarding the gameplay. According to the makers of the game, they came up with an update, however, from the coming of the game into the market, some reported issues hasn’t been fixed. ….  Read More