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What Should You Do Before You Start To Play PoE

Are you a beginner in the Path of Exile? Many players may know, recently, the new league has arrived. So, more and more people choose to play this game, because it always surprises us. However, before you start this game, what should you do? 1) Pick a build guide – if this is your first ….  Read More

Is PoE Accuracy And Crit Rolled Per Attack Or Per Projectile

In Path Of Exile, Crit is rolled once per skill activation (an attack with multistrike for example still counts as only one skill activation). Unlike buy poe orbs, this requires you to spend some time to understand. Think of it this way, when you attack it rolls a number 1 to 100. Say it gets ….  Read More

How Can You Build Explosive Arrow In PoE

So far the conclusion maybe you have found is to use Elemental Equilibrium+Storm Cloud and Explosive arrow in Path of Exile, so you always have a -50% resistance on targets with the fire explosion. But how to make an Explosive arrow build fun? Deadeye with Endless Munition for +1 projectile and +50% explosive radius? Elementalist ….  Read More