Guild Wars 2 : Loot, Looks and MoreGuild Wars 2 : Loot, Looks and More


In the latest update to the Arena.Net Guild Wars 2 blog, Rewards & Item System designer John Hargrove has a detailed look at what drives many to play the games they do: LEWT. In the post, Hargrove outlines the main principles that the team used when considering the reward system: Rewards for all; worthwhile rewards; a player’s look; customization; and upgrading gear in a meaningful way.all of the terms and conditions and everything that were contained in  guild wars 2 power leveling package will accomodated when guest’s order finished,or the compensation directly propotional  to unfinishd parts of package will replaced by new gears,or corresponding gold

In the case of distributing general monster loot or opening dungeon end-chests, this principle means that each player gets their own roll, so it’s alright if you are soloing and someone begins fighting alongside you. This won’t cause the loot you would receive to degrade in any way, as long as you actively participate in that combat. Likewise, when you get to the end of that big dungeon with your group, you each get to individually open the chest and receive your own personal reward.

In the case of gathering materials from things like ore nodes, plants, and the like, this means that when you gather from that resource you use it up for yourself, but not for others. In Guild Wars 2 there is no need to race to beat other people to the same resource node. Take your time ripping that bear’s head off, because no one can walk up and steal that copper node in the back of its cave from you. You may be helping others in your world reach that copper safely, but rest assured that you’re not just clearing a path for a node ganker.