To enjoy Guild Wars 2 quest chains

All players like Guild Wars 2 quest chains because they take the story forward better than a bunch of unrelated quests all asking for a similar menial task to be carried out. But you can pick unrelated bunch of quests at one time at an outpost, go out in the wild and complete all of them in one go, then return the quests and reap the rewards. With quest chains on the other hand you need to pick one up, go out, complete it, come back and return it, pick the second one and repeat the whole process. How about having best of both worlds? Multiple-stage event chains not only try to tell you a story related to a specific area but they keep you in the action for the whole time.

You feel immersed in the proceedings and are on the edge wondering what’s going to happen next. All the Guild Wars 2 players will also be at the same stage of the event chain which heightens the feeling of participating as a group in a meaningful conflict. Quest chains always progress in the same way – pick up the quest, finish it, pick up the next one and so on. Event chains are unpredictable to a certain extent – first event of the chain might be successfully completed by the participating players, which will lead to one of two possible events and if the participants fail at this event, once again you might be lead into one of two different possible events.

Event chains in the starting areas are simple i.e. small in their scope but there are also event chains that sweep across an entire zone when your character progresses into higher level areas. There is some new information about the latest version of GW 2 powerleveling. Players are excited about all the new changes. Meanwhile, we provide brand new Guild Wars 2 gold fast and instant delivery. We are the service provider operating the selling sites for massively multiplayer online game virtual currency. We specialize in supplying fast delivery and 24/7 service.