Your mini map has a green arrow pointing

Overall, I think the Guild wars 2 is a great game, the game play is quite different from other free mmo’s in that you play through a strong story completing missions, which take you to new areas of the map. Each area will have around one or two major cities and a fair few outposts; here it’s like a normal mmo complete quest for money and stuff. Though there really isn’t much challenge to the quests, because you mini map has a green arrow pointing in which direction you need to go. The combat system is interesting, unlike games like wow and other mmo’s you can only have 8 skills on your skill bar and your game play is generally dictated by what skills you have.

Unlike, say wow where you specialize with your talents, in Guile wars 2 you are free to change when ever you want unlike other games you don’t get a number of skills each level you will have certain amount skills available to you in a certain area. When you get to an other area you will get some different skills, as well as the others. But in my opinion, pve is not where guild wars 2 excels, it’s in pvp, the pvp system becomes available to you at level 20 (top lvl) and from there you can really get involved there are around 5 or six different types of pvp arenas two choose from, but there are annual events which you can enter.

Besides, you get pvp where you and your guild can challenge another guild to a fight this can either be a ranked fight, where the outcome of the fight decides you ranking on the guild ladder. But rather than one character joining a guild, it’s more your account joins the guild; this means that some things you do on one character will affect another of your characters. Overall its very good game, the graphics are excellent better than most pvp games. The community is alright, most players will help you, but generally most aren’t that talkative. It does get a little boring after a while because a lot of the missions are very hard to do, unless you get a better character to run you through it. To buy Guild wars 2 gold, contact us.