Guild wars 2 manufacture process in three golden rule public

Do you think the “Guild Wars 2” will bring? ArenaNet game designer Ben Miller is in the latest official blog  about “Guild Wars 2″ the creative process as ArenaNet guide part of the gold standard.The first and most important one is to let the game world is full of vigor. This is the concept of the basic  game design.The Tyria world is both in the history of geography, cultural development and the ecological system  has been a comprehensive production. This concept throughout the design process, make the game world each  element can and world conform to, keep the game consistency and harmony. The second criterion is the work is  very important, in which individual tracking resources, universal resurrection power, any help kill or event  game player can obtain the loot and experience of reward value was reflected in.

For players to really play games rather than the interface is the third rule. So the guild wars 2, the  interface is very small cute, intention is to ensure that the interface in providing necessary information, as  far as possible doesn’t occupy the screen location. Important fighting information ,must not through the  interface to communicate directly in the game world also can show it. The fourth rule ArenaNet is daring, let the developers cannot be afraid of failure, with a fresh design. Although not all ideas can be successful, but learning failure is the key to growth.

The last two rules: Or do well, or not”, “respect the game player”. The former ensures the game world all can have the best quality, no matter what; even a small function has the same quality level, to maximize the  protection of game levels. The last one is the makers of their achievements of the confidence and prides also  believe that the players would like guild wars 2 “.Guild wars 2 will come out, we can in our website to buy guild wars 2 gold, thank you, good luck to you Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on emailShare on printMore Sharing Services6