Your Clan Citadel can be upgraded

It’s typical: you wait ten years for a clan-owned environment to turn up, and hundreds of them arrive at once! Clan Citadels, floating castles in the sky, have drifted over the horizon for you and your clanmates to customize and own. Hold clan meetings, coordinate skirmishes with other clans, and gather together to collect resources for the upgrading and maintenance of your Clan Citadel! Gather your clan and head to Avalani in the portal area of the Clan Camp, south of Falador. She’ll be eager to start the creation ritual, connecting you and your clan to your very own Clan Citadel, decked out with your clan’s insignia and colors. You will need to be in a clan of 5 or more clanmates who are members to setup a Clan Citadel and your clan must contain 5 or more members for you to access your existing Citadel.
Free players are not able to enter the Clan Citadels. With the ritual complete, you can teleport to your citadel from the large portal in the Clan Camp. This will take you to the clan portal on your very own Clan Citadel, where you can begin your explorations and decide on which Citadel layout you want to have. This includes options for the sky, which will be viewable all around and below your Clan Citadel, and can be sunlit or starlit, according to your preferences. New players should talk to Avalani in the Citadel to get books and pointers to help with the setup process.
As you explore your chosen Clan Citadel layout, you will note a number of empty hotspots that can be filled with your choice of decoration or useful locations. To build on these hotspots, however, you and your clanmates will need to gather resources. Gathering resources can be done at skill hotspots within the Citadel. Work as a clan at these hotspots and you will begin to generate the resources needed to construct more impressive things for your clan. You will also generate a small amount of skill XP as you do so, with hard workers unlocking the clan ring (see Rewards). There are no skill requirements, no gp costs and no item requirements to contribute to the resource pool for your clan.