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Aerrevan boasts a unique NPC interaction system, captivating storyline, classless advancement, and unprecedented roleplaying opportunities. “We wanted to create a game that focused on role-play, and challenged players to prosper in a fantasy world with unique characters, immersive quests and gameplay,” said Neil Oosterveen, Executive Producer for Aerrevan.
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Aerrevan takes players to the fantasy continent of Lurris, where its people are faced with the imbalance of a magical essence known as Aer. In correct quantities, Aer fosters life and growth; but under extreme exposure, Aer becomes a deadly force. When the Baehoman meteor fell from the skies four years ago, it brought with it excess amounts of Aer, causing many residents of Lurris to be killed or horribly mutated. Aer continues to play a large part in the daily lives of Lurrians, and is a central element in the story of Aerrevan.