Realm vs Realm PvP Action Realm vs Realm PvP Action

PvE Content Explained
A new blog post has been revealed on The Repopulation site that goes into great detail about how PvE game play will occur in the upcoming title. According to the article, there will be little linearity in questing with most being specifically tailored to a player’s character.

This is not the case in The Repopulation. After you complete the initial tutorial you’re transported to the appropriate capital city and there is very little linearity from that point onwards. Although there are also some static missions, the bulk of our missions are generated and tailor made for your character. They’ll take your skill levels, factions, previously completed missions, engagements or achievements, location, and personality traits into account to find a mission suitable for your character.

That mission will then be mailed to you in-game. You can access your mail at any time, from anyplace in the game world using a PDA. Missions come in as job offers. You will be given an overview of the mission, who you’ll be working for, and any expected difficulties. You will then be given an opportunity to Accept or Deny the mission.