Guild Wars 2 : Snapshot of a Virtual EconomyGuild Wars 2 : Snapshot of a Virtual Economy


The Guild Wars 2 blog has been literally updated with a snapshot of how the virtual economy will shape up when the game goes live. Economist John Smith had the opportunity to study the GW2 economy and he’s got a terrific image to show off his findings.

Hello, all! I’m John Smith, and I’ve recently had the unbelievable opportunity to join the ArenaNet team and work on Guild Wars 2 as the resident economist. Guild Wars 2 has an incredible virtual economy—one of the largest ever created. I’m excited about the opportunity to study and help mold the economy for Guild Wars 2. As Guild Wars 2 goes live and becomes a living world, I will be continually learning about its evolving economy, and as I learn I’d like to share my most interesting findings with you.