It Never Takes Long – Level 80 Crafter SpottedIt Never Takes Long – Level 80 Crafter Spotted

MMO Culture has spotted the first level 80 character in Guild Wars 2. According to the report, a player named “Surfeuze” hit the level cap through crafting only. Materials were supplied by guild mates. It never takes long, does it?

Read the full report at MMO Culture.

UPDATE: ArenaNet’s Mike O’Brien has posted a shout out and an apology to Surfeuze on Reddit as “the first legitimate level 80” character:

Surfeuze played normal PvE content to level 60, although obviously racing past everything he could, and then leveled from 60 to 80 through crafting. His secret weapon was his strong team supplying him with crafting materials. That allowed him to jump ahead of everyone else in those last 20 levels.