Hell HurtsHell Hurts



One of the most anticipated features in Funcom’s The Secret World is running through dungeons with other players, dungeons that literally take everyone to hell (and hopefully back again). Our team got some hands on experience doing just that and we’ve got the full report. Read on!
The Secret World can be extremely hellish. Punishing. Brutal. Full of fire, demons, and pain. Also, it’s oddly exciting and fun… okay, maybe that last part isn’t what hell would really be like, but we can dream. Last night, Rob “Grakulen” Lashley, Mike “I Mod You” Bitton, and myself were able to partake in the first of three dungeons set in the literal Hell with Tor Egil Andersen of Funcom leading the way. This was the first time I’ve been able to taste a dungeon in TSW outside of mere gameplay videos, and I left feeling a great deal better about what Funcom is trying to accomplish in their upcoming MMORPG. Hell was an extremely challenging experience (even with GM cheats) and it’s plain to see that dungeon-lovers will find a lot to love in The Secret World.