Nexon Concludes MapleStory’s Chaos With Loads of New Content

A new adventure lies in the Age of Triumph, bringing players an entirely new story line called the Silent Crusade. This full length quest for players level 37-110 introduces a battle force that specializes in eliminating Master Monsters, a faction of enemies never before seen in MapleStory. Throughout their journey through the Silent Crusade, players will be introduced to new NPCs that will aid them along their quest, including one character that will grab the hearts of players seeking a new romance. The Silent Crusade will be narrated through colorful, action-packed in-game cutscenes and through tandem battles with NPCs.
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Beyond the hours of new gameplay included with the Silent Crusade, the Age of Triumph will also introduce the Global MapleStory exclusive Capture the Flag mode, a new game type added to MapleStory’s PVP mode. Three to six players in two teams will fight for their opponents’ flag, and the first team to do so three times is declared the winner. Item drops, including speed ups, power ups, HP recoveries and more will aid players throughout the battle, along with additional points and medals for players that exhibit the actions of a true strategist.

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