AfterWorld : Alpha World Closed, Survival OpensAfterWorld : Alpha World Closed, Survival Opens


The AfterWorld team has announced that the AfterWorld: Alpha World servers have been shut down and that the game has been updated to AfterWorld: Survival. Players can log into Survival with the same username and password as in Alpha World.
Major features introduced with C210 release (taken from the Pre-release notes topic):

Introduction/Tutorial for newcomers. All non-citizens will be asked to take a tutorial upon login to get used to the Survival and learn basics.
Fully functional rented storages, with ability to share the access with another avatar (private-owned only)
Map with almost all functionality from Alpha (except recording map data disks, which is planned to be implemented later). The new map includes “Fog of War” feature, so you have to run a lot in order to open the full map.
Check out the full list of changes on the AfterWorld forum.

Thanks, Afaik, for the tip!