What dress was most difficult to obtain?

Looking at the sheer amount of dedication needed to obtain it, I would have to say Chan’s Imperial Robes. It was a rare drop from a rare spawn in the Hinterlands. In the end, I just camped the spawning point, logging in every eight to12 hours to check if he had respawned and probably clocking in about 20 kills before getting my robes.Gameplay-wise, it was definitely Chan’s Imperial Robes due to the sheer amount of time it took. If you’re unlucky, you won’t probably ever see an Alanna’s Embrace drop in your lifetime as well. I still haven’t seen the Embrace of the Wind Serpent drop, despite killing Hakkar a vast number of times before more or less giving up.

What dress still eludes you?Quite a few. I am still running Molten Core to get the Robe of Volatile Power, which will never, ever drop under any circumstance, by the looks of it. Similarly, I have given up on the Embrace of the Wind Serpent, which is essentially a recolour of the same dress. I guess that model is cursed for me or something.

Tell us about your storage methodology.I pop it in the bank, no real order, everything bunched together in the fewest amount of bags. The only exception to that rule is dresses adhering to tier or other armor sets, which I place with their set items instead (such as the Earthfury and Skyshatter dresses). I also never keep any of the dresses in my void storage, as I want to be able to take them out and wear them whenever I want. I’ll happily stash away cool weapons, other pieces of armor and shields in the void storage, but not my dresses.So void storage didn’t really make a difference in how you manage your collection?Not really, but it did free up a lot of space in my bank to put more dresses in once I could retire the rest of my random assorted junk to my void storage instead.