August State of the Game Letter

In the August edition of the Fallen Earth State of the Game letter, producer Dave “Archangel” Haydysch begins by talking about the changes brought in the 1.6 patch. He then continues with a listing of the items that will be receiving attention in the patches set to roll out this fall.


We’ve been taking a very in-depth look at two core systems of Fallen Earth—Combat and Factions. Over the next several months we will be making changes as we continually adjust and improve these two systems.

Specifically for combat, we will be changing some of the formulas to create a more fast-paced, exciting combat experience. Major changes coming soon involve adjusting high levels of mitigation, tweaking the random damage spread and making armor require statistics (like Faction or Strength) and character level (rather than Armor Use skill). However, Armor Use skill will still determine how well armor performs. After these changes are in place, we will be making adjustments to Faction skills, Mutations and regular skills, and a balance pass for Items.The most competitive Price. By using a special price searching system to check the diablo 3 Gold prices of our 150 major competitors.We are able to maintain the most competitive price for players to buy diablo 3 gold,We guarantee 100% safe delivery method and take full responsibility for it, our company  have been completed thousands of transactions and meet over 1000 orders everyday, we successfully make all our customers delighted and satisfied.

After talking combat, Haydysch goes on to talk about Progress Towns, Faction Control Points, Color Customization for Clothing, Camp Improvements, and even spends some time talking about the mobile app that devs created several months ago.



There is a sizable group of folks who believe that instancing should simply be done away with.  I can’t quite agree with them, but I understand the sentiment.  Instancing serves as a very valuable tool for story-telling among other things and rather than have it done away with, I’d love to see developers find a way to disguise it and utilize it in a way that goes unnoticed by the player.  The current main use of instancing is for dungeons as a way for developers to control the complexity and difficulty of specific epic encounters.  It’s a good way to help your characters feel powerful in the face of a dangerous enemy, or to deliver a specific scripted encounter that serves a narrative purpose.  But what else can the tool be used for?  And no, separating players because your technology isn’t designed to have lots of people in the same area isn’t a good evolution.  Let’s keep these games massive in their population please.We are a specialized,professional and reliable online supplier for guild wars  2 gold selling. We have been supplying fast and cheap guild wars  2  gold to our loyal and,reliable customers for 7 years. If you want to buy guild wars  2  gold or get the latest news of cheap guild wars  2  gold, please come here. We provide not only the mostcompetitive price but also the safest delivery and the best service for your cheap wow gold. Hope you enjoy buying guild wars  2  gold.