Allows you to preview various items and animations

Solomon is a genie of exquisite taste and distinction has a plethora of exclusive merchandise to enhance your characters appearance, and is offering them for purchase in his boutique: Solomon’s General Store. There are costumes become a cunning Assassin or a debonair swashbuckler, and visual enhancements for your weapons, how about a Pactbreaker longsword? There are also animations that change how you skill and teleport; a variety of emotes; and a host of new titles. Last, but certainly not least, a banner that allows you to stamp your mark on Gielinor! Free players and members alike will have access to this store from within the game, and as a celebration of his store’s ‘Grand Opening’, Solomon is offering all first time visitors to his store 200 RuneCoins to spend.

That’s on top of the 10% that all members receive in the store – permanently! Alongside Solomon’s General Store is the new Customisation System. This lets you change your appearance without losing the stats from your regular worn items, set up new animation overrides and manage your titles. It also allows you to preview the various items and animations available in Solomon’s General Store, so you can view them on your character before making a purchase. This dressing room even lets you save costume combinations for the future. The Customization System can be accessed at any time from your Worn Equipment tab.

Runecoins are a new currency that we’ve introduced purely for Solomon’s General Store and they’re available for purchase through the Jagex billing system, accessed either here or via the Buy Runecoins button from inside the Store itself. And remember for members, have a discount on all items available in the Store! Please note that that items purchased from the store are untradeable. Take a look at Help Guide if you have further questions, or drop into the forums to let know what items you’d love to see next. The Scream emote is now available in the members Loyalty Program store at the discounted price loyalty points.