Zhao et al the Zhou to the river

The newspaper news (reporter Pei Xiaolan) Zhao three people charged in order to help people cable wages, the foreman to forcibly remove around to raise the money, and will promote the well the threat.Reporter was informed yesterday, three men accused of the crime of illegal detention has been public prosecution to the court of Shunyi.
Zhao, three people are workers, often to help some foreman for migrant workers.In July 15th of last year, they are responsible for finding people to Zhou engineering contracting work.
Early in July 16th, Zhao to find Zhou, the evening to the workmen clearing two day’s wages, Zhou said at the time agreed, but at night it says no money settle accounts, Zhao, three people took a few workers, driving force with Zhou everywhere to borrow money, until the next morning there is no to solve the problem.
the prosecution accused, last July 17th at noon, Zhao et al the Zhou to the river, threatening to be bundled into the river, and Zhou takes 10000 yuan as compensation.They then will promote a well Zhou squat, forcing the other writing down iou.
During the week, on many occasions to call a friend to borrow money, until 6 pm that evening, Zhou said to a friend to borrow money.After the week a friend aware of wrong alarm, the police then in terms of Zhao will arrest the three people such as.
that the prosecution, Zhao, the three people such as repayment of the debt illegal detention of a person, shall be unlawful detention crime investigate their criminal responsibility.To share: welcome

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