Farming Instances For Unlimited Gold

Making gold has never been easier once you’re level 70 or higher leveled. Yeah, you can farm those elemental plateau elementals, do your daily quests and maybe play the auction house; but, have you known about farming gold in instances? Yeah, that’s right, instances. “What? I thought instances were for five people!” They were designed for five people, at that certain level; having only one person enter the instance doesn’t restrict them from destroying all the mobs in the instance by themselves if they are high-leveled enough!

Making gold in instances first off, you need to research what instance would be the best for your class and your skill level; if you are 70 and a holy priest and just wanting to make a little bit of gold while keeping your raiding spec, farming ramparts might not be for you. A good way to look at it is at WoWWiki, and look at the instance level ranges; you can decide which is a good range to try it out and maybe kill a few elite mobs at that level and decide if they’re easy enough to handle a few groups of them or just a few at a time. When you farm instances you have to be able to handle multiple mobs around that level that are elite. When you decide on a good instance you’re able to handle, changing specs to a good AoE spec or a spec that will make you able to kill many of them at once quicker and easier would be more efficient. But, you can go as your raid spec and still able to make money, just a little less efficiently. Before you go prancing off to your new-found farming instance, you have to make sure you have all the things you need. You don’t want to be having to stop for a minute or two to regain your mana or health through each set of mobs, so make sure you bring a good stack of food and water; along with your food and water bring along some potions. These mobs can gather up pretty well if you’re not paying attention, and a good life-saver might do the trick to save you some repair costs and some time. Last off, you need some empty bags with lots of space. You want to be the swift fox that slashes those undead heads off and pick up loot and get ready to go to the next one, not the picky penguin that kills them and tries to decide what to destroy to be able to pick up loot!

Once you’ve gotten all you need, go on and enter the instance with your supplies. Making money in an instance can be pretty simple, gather up some mobs you think you are able to handle and whack them to death and pick up your loot; be aware though, if you are planning to just kill the bosses for the blues they most likely drop or just doing a quick sweep, you are only alloted five instances per hour. This means that if you try to enter the instance when you’ve already done it five times (resetting each time, of course) it will not let you enter any instance until the hour you started your first instance has gone past. This rule is also applied to your alternate characters, so you can’t think about parking your other seventy at Scarlet Monastery and take over for another five runs. Before entering the instance each time, make sure you have enough space in your bags to be able to handle another run, if not, take a short trip to the nearest city or town and sell off some of your gray items. You don’t want to be exiting the instance having to run all the way back to the start and then starting your trip, making good money in instances requires planning and being time conscious.

Making money in instances isn’t always the case of just getting grays and selling them off to the vendor; making money in instances can be a whole new world other than that! First off, remember seeing those really powerful “twinks” in the battleground at WSG in levels 19, 29 and maybe 39? Yeah, some of the things they need are found in low level instances, but they are very low to drop. Such as the Assassins Blade or the Shadowfang found in Shadowfang Keep; these types of items can sell for wide ranges and even up to more than one hundred gold if they are desperate! The twinks may also need materials for a deviate scale belt, which skinners get a little advantage. Skinners are able to skin the raptors in Wailing Caverns and sell deviate scales, perfect deviate scales to those needy twinks. Also, you can make money off instances by dis-enchanting a lot of the items you encounter such as that circle of the whale. Not many people would buy it from the auction house, why not dis-enchant it and make some good money off of some enchanting materials on the auction house. You may even use the enchanting materials for yourself. The possibilities are endless here, instances have wide ranges to make money from.

Instances, instances, instances. With their endless possibilities of making money from them, with a wide selection of instances at every different level range you may think of, they can be a great way to make some quick cash for those potions you need for the raid tonight. Happy farming!