Farming Primals For WoW Gold

Now days, there are many different kinds of professions that can make many top-tiered gears. But, they almost all of them require a certain type of material to make those items, and they are primals. Primals are one of a main source of making some items in professions, and they’re highly demanded on many servers; they can go wildly up and down in price, and they are easily sold at the auction house. Need I say more? Primals are a great source of making some gold for your own spending reasons.

Starting off, choosing a primal to farm would be a great place to start. Now, there are seven types of primals that are able to be farmed by a single player; there are actually ten but three are only obtainable by multiple players, or the alchemy profession. With that many primals, its hard to choose from! A good place to search for the right primal is your guild; politely ask who is wanting to make an item that requires primals and would buy it in bulk for a good price. That would be a quick way to find a good buyer and get some good reputation inside the guild. The other way of deciding a primal would be from the auction house. The auction house can be a very wide-ranging place with primals being up to thirty gold sometimes at peak for some, but dropping to twenty the next! Take in some numbers and look for a good day to farm your primals and sell them that day. Also, when deciding a primal, check which primal sells for the most, if your primal is that one there may be a little competition for a farming spot for that certain primal. Since primals is such a wide known source and such a great one, there are many people who fend for primals and sometimes it doesn’t turn out pretty if you anger them in their farming grounds.

Now that you’ve decided the primal you want to farm, farming primals actually takes a little planning before you head out to the nearest lake elementals in Nagrand. Fly over some spots that may drop the motes of the primal you want to farm, and see how busy it is during different times of the day; if you really want to be productive and not be bothered but get on during peak times, try to find a spot that is less liked by some and usually quit during those times. If you really want to find a good spot that can make some money quickly, that would have to be a spot that is usually busy during peak times which would most likely by Elemental Plateau in Nagrand. If you want to farm in such places, keep in mind you may have to get on during odd times of the day, while everyone else is working or sleeping and you are able to farm peacefully without much disruption. Once you’ve decided your primal, and where you’re going to farm and the time you are going to farm, you’re almost done!

Once it’s about time to farm for your certain primal, take a good look at your bags; maintaining a good steady flow of motes requires some large space in your bags to handle some junk items and some essential items if they do drop so you don’t have to go deleting the junk items every time you pick them up with auto-loot! Also, walk around Shattrath, or a nearest capital city, and ask a mage (nicely!) if they are able to make you some food or water for a little tip or just go to the nearest food vendor if you want to go quickly. Once you got an adequate amount of food and/or water, check if you want to get any potions while you are farming. Potions are a great way to stay alive if you get too many on you at once, and are a great save if you are attacked while out of mana or low on health. Now that you’ve gotten everything you need head off to your farming location. If your farming location is open, you’re all set and turn on your music and farm those motes away! But, if your farming location is currently occupied, don’t go in and just start killing things and taking other’s mobs that they were going for. Be a good citizen and loaf around, or find another spot that might be similar what you have wanted. If you are really impatient and really want to get that spot, ask politely if the person will be leaving soon, if so, when? If they aren’t on the same faction, you’re a bit out of luck but they might notice you sooner or later and be polite and let you take it. Always give thanks, help is always appreciated. Once you have gotten all your primals and motes you want, say goodbye to your spot, and cash in your mounds of gold!

No one can say no to mounds of gold with a little planning, a little time, and a little kindness. Farming primals can benefit you, and the economy and that new epic flying mount of yours. Go out, and have a wonderful time primal farming. Happy farming!