The Mists of Pandaria Pet Battle System

There were some important announcements concerning the system of combat pet in World of Warcraft next extension, mists of Pandaria and some people also analyzed all available data from the beta version, also. Although the system is susceptible to the revision, the expansion and rationalization, a good image has emerged, which I will be happy to share with the idea behind you.The battles for pets, it is the non in company’s game animals or companions because they are usually labeled, will now be able to fight among themselves in a minigame in the game of set. Most of the courses, by playmates will be able to participate in the Scrums, while a large number of wild pets that can be captured in various areas through Azeroth will also be added to the part.
So far, there seems to be eleven different types of pets: the type of wow gold animal seems poorly developed and can be bent in a another type by the mists of time goes live. Three attacks are known, claw, Peck, and Thrash, who seem to do a lot of the thing.Beast even they are in the melee, and, as in the regular melee fighters, are probably slightly outclassed by their opponents at distance. Abilities mimic the powers of hunting, but with a touch of the rogue as well. Chomp and Slash are basic attacks, while Leap and load Rushing is intended to reduce the distance of an enemy, stun them. Roar is a debuff to AoE and Poison Fang poisons the foe.Critter seem mannered lighter equivalents of beasts and inflict additional damage to the Humanoids. Dragon such animal explanatory auto fights primarily with fire attacks. Breath of the dragon, Spurt flame, flame throwers, Scorched Earth, and Pyroclasme are all fire attacks. Tail is a physical attack that can deal damage twice in certain circumstances.
Elemental no detail is known about the animals basic yet.From balloons, flying tickbirds flying companions are particularly effective against the mythical companions or mystical or magical and weaker dragons and domestic animals in the water. Some known capabilities include Dust Devil, attacks of pests, such as the gust of wind, blow, Ram Air, and probably Divebomb. Eagle Eye and Talon Strike are related hits.Critical humanoid humanoid pets capabilities are still unknown. Some people speculate that these animals are not usable in the battles at all.Mystical, mythical, magical or the name of the type of these animals is vague, but they may have a debuff or Warlock damage over time as a mechanic, as suggested by their only known attack, powder Mystic who appears to be a point. Mechanical animals have an unpleasant choice of powers, including some who were his bolt of the damper, the beam Cannon, and ion gun. Sonic Boom seems to be a stun AoE, perhaps as Shockwave or Stomp.Undead war to date, the companions of dead remain a mystery. Their powers of healing are Purify and a heel AoE, rejuvenate rain. It is a lot of damage zone, acid rain, and several, Snap melee attacks, pinch, and against power surges.
Fighting between animals company, known as duels at this stage of development, occur when you send your pet pet to fight another character. Win the battle won the experience for your companion, that will eventually set up level and enable them to learn new abilities of trainer NPC for pets. Some of these skills can be learned by having won an against animal fighting of the AFN, giving you another opportunity to try the cheap wow gold martial qualities of your companion against a challenger.Computer controlled pets can be exchanged, so that you can possibly use battles for pets as a profession, also, the animal constitution experienced and to sell them to other people, assuming that you have a talent for training. Of course, you can also keep them for you, if you made desire.Combat use of power resources and capabilities saying have a rate of accuracy. Some effects come first in a turn, while others are more effective if you wait until the end of the round to enable.
Wild animals are an interesting twist on the animal concept battles, because all areas of the game apparently have animal appropriate company animals that live there. If you can defeat these creatures with one of your existing pets, the duel against the computer, then you will earn this wild animal as a companion and can begin to form. Each zone will have wild animals that can be found in other similar habitats, and each will also be wild companions that are unique to this area.Blizzard new system of battles pet for Pandaria fog looks like a mini solidly imagined and well-developed game with enough variety and details to keep your interest and give you an idea of development and achievement and something different to do in the World of Warcraft.