WvW Culling Coming to an End in Guild Wars 2

I guess you may have noticed that you could not see some enemy players in large groups on the field if you have hit the fields of WvW in Guild Wars 2 since its launch. That unfortunate little occurrence is what’s known as culling, a process that helps cut down on network resources while having the side effect of confusing the hell out of some players on the WvW battlefield. Fortunately, it will no longer exit after this month’s update.
In a new developer blog, Programmer Habib Loew discussed the new changes to culling and rendering settings slated for release with Guild Wars 2’s March 26th update, Flame & Frost: The Razing. With the update, ArenaNet will be turning off the culling feature completely, allowing players to see all of what’s on the battlefield rather than just some of it. This could also have the unfortunate effect of choking the performance out of some systems, so make sure that you adjust the new settings options that will be added to compensate before heading back into battle.