Guild Wars 2 more details on Dragon Bash Festival

A new blog post released on the official site titled Dragon Bashers Welcome give a bit more info on the upcoming Dragon Bash festival.

Hi, my name is Steve Hwang, and I bash dragons.

The war against the Elder Dragons can take its toll on the even heartiest of heroes. With that in mind, the June Living World team has made it our goal to put some fun back in dragon bashing with the new Dragon Bash festival.

The Captain’s Council of Lion’s Arch has spared no expense in sponsoring this inaugural festival, lining the streets with decorations and filling the port city’s skies with a giant holographic dragon, planning a weekend-long fireworks show, and presenting an effigy lighting ceremony. Even the Black Lion Trading Company is joining in the festivities with a free accessory for all!

A Brief History of Dragons

The Tyrian opinion of dragons has evolved over the centuries. Those who played the originalGuild Wars will recall that Glint, the dragon of the Crystal Desert, was ultimately benevolent. Kuunavang, the Canthan dragon, wasn’t such a bad guy either; once cleansed of his affliction, Kuunavang aided heroes in their fight against Shiro. Canthans actually honored these creatures for centuries with their annual Dragon Festival.

The events of The Eye of the North changed everything by revealing the true nature of dragons. The Great Destroyer, a general of the Elder Dragon Primordus, wreaked terrible havoc in the depths of Tyria. Since then, the Elder Dragons have awakened to threaten all of Tyria. Once revered, dragons are now generally viewed as destruction and death incarnate. The Captain’s Council has realized that the old Dragon Festival is no longer appropriate, so Dragon Bash about unifying Tyria to destroy the Elder Dragons.

Fireworks, Dragon Helms, Effigies, Oh My!

Our hosts, Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed and the rest of the Council, will point you to all of the available Dragon Bash activities, from candy filled piñatas and hologram dragon minions to a revamped Dragon Ball arena and Moa Racing. They’ve also arranged two events that are a must-see for any Dragon Basher.

First, the fireworks show that repeats throughout the initial weekend will award a unique dragon helm to all those who witness the finale. Second, in the following week, the city will be hosting the Effigy Lighting. This ceremony brings the races of Tyria together to burn a dragon effigy, cementing Tyria’s solidarity against the Elder Dragons. Much laughter, excitement, and hijinks are sure to follow.

Some familiar faces will be making an appearance at Dragon Bash, including Investigator Kiel and Kasmeer Meade, straight from their recent adventure in Southsun Cove, and Logan Thackeray himself! A new person of interest, the mysterious Marjory Delaqua, will also be showing up for the festival.

Bash Early, Bash Often

For those who get into the spirit of the festival, there will be new Dragon Bash-themed rewards. One that’s sure to turn heads is the Hologram Shattered Dragon Wings back item skin, which is awarded for completion of the Dragon Bash meta-achievement. I mean, what’s not to like about sporting a pair of holographic dragon wings?

Throughout the world, Dragon Coffers will drop a variety of items including Zhaitaffy candy, fireworks, and a holographic minion minipet. Plus, there’s a chance for Dragon’s Jade weapon skin tickets. These dragon-inspired designs will only be available through Dragon Coffers.