BUILD WARS RP team build coordinates three Heroes

A quick word on strategy: As noted above, you’ll want to adjust this build for different missions and environs. No single build solves all problems. For example, be ready to make adjustments after you see the final fights in the second and third missions. Apocrypha and the General have ways to counter this team build. Also, keep in mind that you can select a skill in a Hero Control panel when you need the Hero to use it—a useful trick when a particular Hex or Condition is bugging you.This RP team build coordinates three Heroes you’ll find early in the game: Koss, Dunkoro, and Melonni. “Doctor, Doctor” should keep your Heroes healthy, using defensive strategies, Hex and Condition removal, and plenty of healing. We’ve only used skills you’ll find early in the game, so you can easily create this build before you leave the island of Istan.


Melonni is a Dervish, a holy warrior armed with a scythe that can hit up to three adjacent opponents in a single attack. Melonni is another front-line fighter, a Sunspear ready to stand beside Koss in battle. This version of Melonni uses skills that increase her maximum Health and replenish it quickly. Her Monk secondary skills are similar to those chosen for Koss, building a strong wall of defense.

Melonni, Dervish/Monk lvl 20

Scythe Mastery 11 (10+1)
Earth Prayers 10
Healing Prayers 10

Dervish Skills: Vital Boon, Eremite’s Attack, Crippling Sweep
Monk Skills: Resurrect, Healing Breeze, Orison of Healing, Remove Hex
Optional Skill: Twin Moon Sweep/Pious Assault.

Melonni can use her scythe to attack multiple foes, and also inflict additional damage with Eremite’s Attack and Crippling Sweep. Plus, she can add a Crippling Condition to enemies already hindered by Koss’s Bleeding and Deep Wound attacks. Her three defensive skills—Vital Boon, Healing Breeze, and Orison of Healing—are all enhancements. This allows her to sacrifice them to use her optional attack skills: Twin Moon Sweep and Pious Assault. For additional defense, keep all three defensive skills and bring just one optional skill. Melonni adds to Koss’s Condition removal with Remove Hex.


Dunkoro begins the game as an effective Protection Monk, but he can be more useful and versatile when you add a second profession. The Monk/Mesmer build is an excellent (and popular) choice. While Koss and Melonni focus on small healing spells and Hex and Condition removal, Dunkoro focuses on Protection spells.

Dunkoro, Monk/Mesmer lvl 20

Divine Favor 13 (12+1)
Protection Prayers 9
Inspiration Magic 9

Monk Skills: Divine Boon, Protective Spirit, Reversal of Fortune, Mend Ailment
Mesmer Skills: Drain Enchantment, Energy Tap, Leech Signet
Optional Skill: Rebirth/Resurrect/Remove Hex

Koss is the first Hero you recruit in the game. He’ll stand by you through everything the world can throw at you. And, with his Warrior skills, he can survive a considerable amount of damage. Spellcasters can stand behind him, while melee-oriented characters will be glad to have him at their side soaking up attacks. Choosing Monk as the secondary profession for Koss enhances his survivability.

Koss, Warrior/Monk lvl 20

Strength 11 (10+1)
Swordsmanship 12
Healing Prayers 8
Tactics 2
Protection Prayers 1

Warrior Skills: Power Attack, Sever Artery, Gash, “Watch Yourself!”
Monk Skills: Resurrect, Mend Ailment, Healing Breeze, Orison of Healing

Combining the Warrior’s armor with the Monk’s defensive spells, the “Whammo” is one of the most popular builds in the game. Koss should repeatedly use Sever Artery and Gash to inflict Bleeding and Deep Wound Conditions, while “Watch Yourself!” improves the armor for everyone on your team in earshot, and Healing Breeze and Orison of Healing keep everyone healthy. Should a Hero fall in battle, Koss can rez them with Resurrect. His heavy armor and high Health makes it easier for him to endure the spell’s long casting time. Finally, he can use Mend Ailment to aid allies with Condition removal.

The first four skills are part of a textbook Boon Prot Monk build. To fuel his protection spells, this version of Dunkoro uses Mesmer skills that keep his Energy up, making it easier for him to cast Monk spells frequently. Rebirth uses a lot of Energy, but having two other characters who can resurrect will reduce the number of times he has to use it. For a mission that has a lot of Hexes, consider adding another copy of Remove Hex instead.