Guild wars 2 the third official novel Sea of Sorrows listed

Good news to Guild wars 2 fans, today ArenaNet announced that the third background

novel Guild wars 2, Sea of Sorrows is to meet with players on June 25.

It is understood that this novel is written by Guild wars 2 video game designer Ree

Soesbee, the story settle in 150 years before the Guild wars 2 history. In this age,

it is also the period that Orr gens, and ancient dragon Zhaitan and his undead rise.

Readers will follow a man named Cobiah Marriner, a young sailor, learned that the

destruction and reconstruction of Lion’s Arch, as well as how the disaster change

the lives of many people in Tyria. And at present, the grandson of Cobiah Marriner,

is the commodore of Lion’s Arch, therefore you will also read many things related to

eggs plot.

The first official novel Ghosts of Ascalon is recomposed based on the game

background. It tells the story of what happen to the world, 250 years after the The

battle of the Ascalon. It’s the right time that the starting time of the Guild wars

2 plot. The first official novel is united creation by the famous fantasy writer, the

StarCraft game background writers Jeff Grubb and Matt Forbeck.

The Guild wars 2 second official novel is written by the famous fantasy fiction

writer J. Robert King. It shows the iron hero under the epic and grand background. If

you want to have a thorough understanding of the Guild wars 2 game background, you

can read the novel. Edge of Destiny plot continues Ghosts of Ascalon, tells the story

happened in the Guild wars 2 plot for 5 years before Tyria, catastrophic happened

between 1 and 2 generation in the games.

Through the novel players can learn Guild wars 2 plot and grasp the complicated

relationships between the different races.