GW2 Sea of Sorrows vs Dragonbrand vs Maguuma

Raggok said:Look, all I’m trying to do is get you to admit that the reason people left is because SoS had an established offhour population and DB did not.
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The people who stayed behind and insult those who left only because they left are wrong to do so.  You have the right to go wherever the hell you want in pursuit of fun in a gw2 gold game.  On the other hand, the people who left who blame the people who stayed as being the reason why they left are wrong as well.

DB was not struggling because it’s players are bad, it was because they had no offhour population to hold what they took.  Yes, the participation drops when people realize that they can’t win because everything gets taken when they aren’t online.  That is natural, it happens to every single server that has gaps in their coverage when up against a full coverage server. Stop blaming the gw2 gold players on DB for what is a fundamental flaw in the system.

I love how people at DB think guilds have NO right to leave a server, Its just a joke and shows how childish people are there, i mean if a guild chooses to leave i see no problem in that.

Vanguard Scout:Haven’t you heard?

Joining a server at launch is a legally binding contract. If you leave but one server once, you become a ‘fair-weather player’ for life and are doomed to server hop every time you lose a single match. It’s a dreadful curse i hear.

Thank god nobody expects us oceanics to break our legally binding contracts, i would hate to be cursed for life.

Fahrar Cub:Theres no reason for you start start hating at me here, I was only just quessing from what I saw with the scores and such things. And yes, it’s quite ovious now that neither side gives a dam about second place. Stupid quess was stupid, happens when I don’t go into WvW before saying that. xD(was a moronic statement, wasn’t trying to get your ire or anything.  )

Anyways… at least next week these servers will be in better matches. SoS will go up like Lauren said, and DB will just go down a bit until all these issues that are happening get sorted out. Stuff like the multiple guilds leaving to the winner is just gonna keep happening until Anet makes the Server Transfer be payable.

My post wasn’t actually directed at you, but rather the people dogpiling sea of sorrows in the hopes it’ll be the next Henge or whatever. I guess I didn’t word that properly, sorry about that!

Tankatronic:So much butthurt in this thread from every side, except Maguuma. I enjoy how this thread has turned into a bitch battle between DB and SoS while Maguuma is just chillin shaking their head from embarrassment.

Hey now, I try to do enough bitching for the entirity of my server. How could you forget me?! Christ, I might just have to bitch even more now to make up for this grevious misinterpretation!