GW2 suspects achievement guide

You must have completed Hard Boiled first by visiting Marjory Delaqua in The Dead End in Eastern Commons section of Divinity’s Reach. Return to Inspector Kiel in Grand Piazaa of Lion’s Arch after to enter another single player instance that will start this achievement.

Be sure to talk to Marjory again while inside this second instance (Scene of the Crime) to obtain an investigation kit (Tassi Box). You will then need to use it on Mai Trin, human, grawl, norn, and asura representatives.

You need to target them and put the circle from the Tassi Box under them. If you have fast casting ground AoE option on, then you need to stand on top of the NPCs, target them and activate it.

Interact with ogre’s corpse and you will get an option to complete this suspect.

If this bugs out and you only get the leave option try destroy the kit and re-enter the Scene of the Crime and re-watch the cutscene again.