FFXIV producer’s letter

A Final Fantasy XIV guildhest screenshot

Final Fantasy XIV has been ramping up to A Realm Reborn, the massive reboot that has fans excited and nervous at the same time. In the hopes of whetting fan appetites even further, Naoki Yoshida is letting players know just what’s cooking via a new producer’s letter. It turns out that gamepad users have reason to be excited for phase two beta testing.

It might be standing room only, though, as 100,000 testers have joined up so far. It’s caused some issues on the servers but a weekend of tweaks to FATE-related performance issues might help loosen things up a bit. That is until phase two kicks in and even more testers are welcomed. After all, how else can you stress test a server? Phase two testing should begin in early April, so grab your controller and jump in if you can.

There’s also news about phase three testing! Guildhests, which are based on behests from version 1.0, will welcome groups of players even from early levels. They are supposed to be a great way to party with friends before going out and tackling the big stuff.You can now by clicking the FFXIV Gil to get to know more content and services.