FFXIV: ARR – Tourist Map

Eorzea travel can get expensive fast! Of course, you have your teleport ability that allows you to quickly access previously visited any Aetheryte crystal.(FFXIV) However, the criss-cross continents in this way you can quickly knock WANJI or more. You can easily find their money starve.

But you know, there is an inexpensive, but slower, option? Chocobo and ferry networks Eorzea is to reduce costs, allowing you to move between locations. The cost of the network is generally 50 years old Gil, and typically runs about 100 GIL ferry. This mode of travel is required that you have marked Chocobo baggage handling and other areas, so you have run out for the first time.

This blog map also details levemete of levequest levels can be used as your Chocobo networks. And the position of large companies leves. Each open GC Leveset of your TEIR based on your GC. Any marked T2 need a complete advanced second stage (4 promotion) with your GC. Therefore, if you have not promoted, you will not be able to view in this regard GC leves.

Finally, we do not include the area (ie C.Shroud N.Shroud or S.Shroud) all connections between, because we have decided to make the image too crowded. However, we did several area connection, we think this will help clarify things slightly (ie, upper & outside La Noscea).

Additionally, you can find a variety of Aetheryte, crystal and its accompanying camp.