Tencent: China LOL team will lose nobody 2P

Tencent alliance legend anniversary in Shanghai, we interviewed a wave of gold (left), who is responsible for the legendary brand alliances in China and Ming Yang (R), general manager of Tencent’s collaboration products.Here to supply Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil

According to Ming, Tencent invests in Chinese e-sports. They are trying to create a fair competitive environment and a complete system.

League of Legends anniversary

Today, only a few like WE and IG of the Chinese team has a certain reputation in the international arena, the Chinese team may not have a strong ability and visibility. For this problem, clear that in the field of electronic games, no one can ever win. Prestigious team may lose. Everything changes. This is their auspices LPL (LOL professional league) causes. This activity will help the Chinese team LOL grow faster and be more healthy way. Ming also mentioned C9 stressed that he considered the black sheep of e-sports is constantly changing. But in China, the winner is always the 3-4 team. It really is changing, but the change is always in those familiar team. Ming explained that in the past a very slow development in China epsorts. There are few people in this industry. But in recent years, more and more teams appears. For example, PE, OMG and other teams, like trying to challenge traditional teams. The Chinese team’s growth and LPL. Will the influx of new blood, will form a virtuous circle. Clear that, in such circumstances, China will lose nobody LOL team.