By the Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV: a realm of rebirth digital download sales recovery

Digital sales of Final Fantasy XIV: Rebirth of the realm was suspended almost immediately after release due to unexpected purchases, resulting in crowded servers and game early users a lot of frustration.

In order to ease traffic Square Enix decided to stop sales figures, in the West, but also to interrupt the physical retail version of the game flow distribution in Japan.

Last week, the director and producer Naoki Yoshida promised to monitor the situation through the end of the week and resume sales figures, if something is considered to be stable. Obviously, they are digital download version of the game, it is now once again in North America, Square Enix store.

Looks like the other local stores still get updates (such as the French people still marked as unavailable games), but the re-opening sales in North America and other markets certainly follow suit.

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