D3 on consoles is the optimal experience

Jump ahead a year to the console release of Diablo 3 and all of these problems have gone away. Seemingly, Blizzard was using the PC release as a beta test for a console release that has become the optimal Diablo 3 gaming experience, and one of the best console multiplayer experiences of the year.

Many questioned whether or not the endgame goal was a PC only release when job postings for assistance with a potential console project were placed online by Blizzard in 2010. Cheap Diablo 3 Gold was delayed and pushed back time and again between the initial announcement in 2008 and the actual release in June 2012. Most jumped to the conclusion that this delay was based on a push by Activision to get the action-RPG to the living room. This conclusion would be solidified with the overwhelming amount of software issues and server problems in the initial launch period.

Players of Blizzard’s 2012 PC release of Diablo 3 had these complaints and more about the long awaited – and oft-delayed – sequel to 2000′s iconic PC release, Diablo 2. The weeks after the initial launch of the newest game in the Diablo franchise were a painful slog through server and interface issues that all seemed to be getting in the way of a game consumers wanted to hold in high regard. Each new day during the first month of launch seemed to bring new complaints, along with accusations by fans that Blizzard was not doing enough to fix problems such as extensive server downtime, loot balancing issues and a lack of intuitive game menus.