A member of the RS is rich

Dragon: Dragons are incredibly powerful creatures which use the ability of fire-breath to incinerate those who do not have a handy dragonfire shield with them.


Dwarf: Dwarves are fairly unimposing enemies, though armed, often, to the teeth with quality weapons, and armour. Their drops are not generally, great but the chaos dwarves, drop of a muddy key is always nice.

Human: Humans range from the weak easily pickpocket-ted men and women found in the cities around runescape to the powerful Damis fought during the desert treasure quest when seeking the shadow diamond.

Elf: Elves are powerful Warriors found in the far west of runescape around the wilderness of Isafadar.

Demon: Demons are one of the most abundant and various of the runscape races. Gnome: Gnomes are almost unanimously weak and tiny beings. They are generally archers, though a few are mages, and even a few are melee based gnomes.

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