What is the ideal final player owned ports crew setup in Runescape2007

The ideal setup involves having six oxhead and horsefaces, two jade merchants, three judges of dice, and five crewmen of each type. As that adds up to 26, one crew type has to be only four. As the ship offers four morale/combat slots and only three seafaring slots, it is advised to have only four of either morale or combat.

RS 2007 Gold
RS 2007 Gold

What is the ideal final player owned ports crew setup, after the port is maxed and all that remains is trade goods and experience missions? This Runescape Gold player owned ports guide will detail the ideal crew. So all RS 2007 Gold players can trade runescape gold and other items in game face to face.

The two most common voyage layouts will be the plate and lacquer regular layout and the chi regular layout. The former is a judge of dice, three oxhead and horsefaces, a jade merchant, a captain skilled in one of the three skills, and a 10% booster, as one skill will be lower and two will be equal.

These can be tweaked using ship items and switching captains about rs gold. The latter layout is four morale crewmen and a jade merchant with a captain strong in morale.Experience missions can be nailed with four level 10 crewmen and captain of a single trait, or a mixture if multi-trait.