Which will affect the WOW Power Leveling

Recently, one on “World of Warcraft: Delano King” helicopter game character in 90 service fee of $ 60 will be news caused no small vibration in the circle of players, there are users that Blizzard has shifted 6.0 times “money worship” pay to upgrade makes the game full of stench and destroy the balance.

In this regard, Alex Afrasiabi Blizzard creative director responded that the production team did not make the “World of Warcraft” has become a Pay-to-Win the game, because of the blizzard extremely concerned about the trust from the players, and do not want to destroy that trust easily.

Very sorry, Alex Afrasiabi say just stand in a circle, not the specific methods on how to prevent “helicopter 90” will have a negative impact on the game, which will affect the WOW Power Leveling. Therefore, the policy of our new players for the real implementation of the results still need to have vigilance.

At the same time we should also see that in other online games and fierce competition under the double impact of the loss of players, “World of Warcraft” has been pursued by the timing-based game system seems to have been difficult to meet the operational Blizzard of revenue requirements, so officials are gradually strengthened purchase items within the game development, and this has been recognized by Blizzard. One of the most representative of the game is just on the line near the mall.

Although Blizzard promised not to sell the mall to affect the balance of property and equipment, third-party platform will sell Cheap WOW Gold without having to log off, but it is undeniable future players in the game can be purchased directly pay directly for more potions, mounts, pets and metamorphosis Item indeed Blizzard opened up a more convenient way of getting money.