Be successful playing it on WOW powerleveling

“World of Warcraft” is one of the most popular online computer games, with more than 9 million active members who play on a regular basis as of May 2014. There are countless different techniques used to play the game and be successful playing it on WOW powerleveling. However, improving the speed of your general gameplay is a surefire way to make you level up characters quicker.

Planning Ahead
Before carrying out any quest, make sure that completing it is worthwhile. Quests can be planned by looking at websites such as or Power Leveling Exposed (see Resources) to ensure you know how to go about completing the quest without wasting time. Searching for quests using these sources that are appropriate for the level of our character and that reward you heavily should be taken on. Quests that are time-consuming will little reward should be avoided.

Assign hotkeys for certain actions such as spells and attacks to ensure combat is carried out with more efficiency. Instead of clicking the mouse button to cast and direct spells and attacks, it is much easier to press a button on the keyboard. This will enable you to become a better fighter against monsters and other computer opponents.

Selecting auto-loot, which can be found in the interface options, will greatly speed up your gameplay. Instead of clicking on a body to individually select possessions that are required, auto-loot will take all items available to take without you needing to click a thing.

Bag Slots
Use your bag slots efficiently and effectively. Fill your slots up only with essential items so that you do not need to travel back to a location to store them. Traveling to store locations can take a large amount of time and is unproductive because of the amount that these items can be sold or traded for.