The best spec for WOW power leveling a paladin

Masters of nature, the hunter has the unique ability to tame creatures of the wild and make them their pets.In fact, although the hunter’s primary weapons are ranged weapons (bows, crossbows, and guns) nothing does more damage for the hunter than the variety of beasts he controls.Pets give the hunter the ability to control aggro, do additional DPS and serve as tanks so that the hunter can do his damage from afar.

In our experience, we have found it to be the best spec for WOW power leveling a paladin.Once you get to level 90, we recommend a switch over to Beast Mastery but hey, you’re hear because you want to get your toon to 90 not figure out what to do once you get there.Here are the specific talents we recommend you focus on.

Level 15 – Posthaste – Early on in your hunting career, you need to be maneuverable and be able to get somewhere immediately.Posthaste is the best talent for that.
Level 30 – Binding Shot – Not a lot going on at this tier so this is our pick… It’s great against caster mobs as it inhibits their ability to cast for 3 seconds.
Level 45 – Aspect of the Iron Hawk – The damage mitigation you get from this talent is a lot better than the other two self heals.This also gives you an increase on your attack power when you are in ranged combat.
Level 60 – Dire Beast – A great DPS boost.The beast you summon not only kicks major ass while he’s around, he also serves to increase your focus which will give your passive abilities a boost.
Level 75 – A Murder of Crows – Hands down the best DPS talent of this tier.It’s a bit pricey at 60 focus but the damage you can cause is so worth it.
Level 90 – Glaive Toss – Another great DPS talent.It packs a punch, snares the target, and reduces their speed.It is one of the more powerful talents available to the hunter.