Our favorite FIFA 15 Slider Set For Career Mode

As for players who like FUFA15 , that  is an unwieldy beast that is unbalanced in a lot of areas and downright flawed in others. Despite that though, an entertaining game of footy can still be had, especially in career mode where the new tactical elements, the BPL integration, and the overall polish of the game really shines brightest.

To those of you new to the slider game, let me make one thing perfectly clear, sliders are not a cheat. They are simply gameplay options which allow the user to tailor the AI to play a more realistic game of football, one that is more human like and more akin to a simulation rather than an arcade game. They do not make the game easier, as a matter of fact I feel they’ll offer up a pretty stiff challenge to most. As always if you have any questions at all you can comment below or hit me up on website  FIFA15-Coin.com .

In an attempt to get as much as possible out of FIFA 15, and to make it more of a sim title than what is offered out of the box, a group of us led by FSB contributors Matt10, and Orion523 along with several members of the Operation Sports FIFA forum including  Reaper31, FluffyTonka, OneDrop, wordtobigbird and several others  worked together tirelessly to come up with a set of gameplay sliders that we feel not only enhances the game’s strengths and minimizes its weaknesses, but also plays the most realistic game of football that can be had on either PC or console.

Lastly,follow FSB’s FIFA 15 Career Mode Slider Set

Sprint: 50/50
Acceleration: 50/51
Shot Error: 52/50
Pass Error: 53/60
Shot Speed: 49/49
Pass Speed: 35/30
Injury Frequency: 63/63
Injury Severity: 30/30
GK Ability: 46/46
Marking 60/60
Run Frequency: 50/30
Line Height: 63/63
Line Length: 36/33
Line Width: 50/50
Fullbacks: 100/100
Power Bar(User Only) 60
First Touch Control: 65/65