Youth Players are guided by FIFA 15 Beginners

Because of the Operation Sports Forums for his great FIFA beginners guide. If you want to cheat ahead in this series, you can see the full document at the link. Throughout the rest of this week, we’ll be posting tidbits from the guide to help newer FIFA players along. Today, we’re looking at youth players.


With that said, your youth staff is actually very easy. Obviously ideally you want a guy who is a five star on both judgement and experience — but ideally we’d all have an unlimited amount of funds to build our teams with as well. The floor on scouts is probably a 3 star guy, as anything below that results in quickly diminishing returns. When sending a scout to a new country, make sure you send him to a place with talent. Wasting your time in countries where there is no talent is just that. The best countries for talent seem to be England, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Colombia, and France.

The main thing you want to focus on is player potential. What you want is a player rated in the 70-75 range at least. Anything over 75 is a likely hit, and signing him immediately is a good idea. I have always looked at the number directly in between both the upper and lower end as the true number a player will reach. When you sign players, keep them in your youth academy until the May update. That time period is huge as your young players get a boost in May. After that, you can simply sign the best onto your main squad with a £500 a week contract.

When a youth player wants out, you either will have to call him up or let him go. Obviously if he’s not developing a release is the easiest solution. Giving young players playing time against bad teams is a great way ensure they develop when they are finally on your squad, with many developing up to +3 points a year. While having players get good match ratings used to be a way to ensure they grow, I’m unsure if that’s the case in FIFA 15. So obviously, make sure young players play well to ensure they develop to their fullest potential. So take much enough FIFA 15 coins to fight as a youth player.