Procedure of FIFA 15 coins buying

FIFA 15 coins

Being in this part of the article you should’ve already read all about the risks. Know that you’ll be actionable the agreement of account and so accept some advantage over the players who don’t buy bill or FIFA Points.Since you’re about to do something this questionable make sure you do it right. This is area we advice you. There will be those accusatory this, but we’d rather accept anyone buy cheap FIFA 15 coins  appropriately than see others win money dishonestly.

The bread affairs action is simple and simple. In general, sellers will ask you to do a action agnate to this:

1) Open the Web App and log in to your account;
2) Click ‘My Club’ – ‘Players’ and search for a player (normally bronze) that you’ll hardly need and that’s not an untradeable;
3) Click ’List on Transfer Market’;
4) A new window will appear and you’ll need to define a Buy Now price equal to the amount of coins you’re buying, plus a start price preferably close to it with a 3 days duration;
5) Press ‘OK’ and go to the coin seller’s website where you should select your platform and let them know the amount of coins you want;
6) Enter your club’s name, which is the one shown right next to the FUT 15 logo on the web app, and give them the rest of the information requested, which varies according to the seller but almost always includes the name of the player you’re auctioning.
7) Perform the payment in one of the available methods. Normally sellers accept several types of payment, including credit cards and PayPal.
8) Your coins will be delivered to your account within a 24 hours period after the payment, yet sometimes the transfer is made in just a few minutes.