FIFA 15 : Disappointing Features


For abounding weeks and even months, FIFA 15 managed to boss the best agent gaming archive
in UK besides added regions.

While the agitation of PES 2015 against FIFA 15 agitation is a never catastrophe argument,
the bold by itself is not the best adaptation around.

Sure, Electronic Arts has done a abundant job with the presentation, licensing and
appearance but they accept alien some desperate new changes and adopted new behavior which
annoyance the bold down.

Park the Bus was a Mistake

Park the Bus, even though controversial has now become a widely accepted tactic even in real
life football and we can’t blame EA for introducing it to FIFA 15 coins. The concept has a lot of
potential to it because extreme offense and defense strategies can always change even the
worst game into an exciting one.

But, when it comes to online play, players often exploit it and do not use it as a strategy.
As soon as they login to play any game in the Ultimate team or with the Seasons, the players
instantly switch to Park the Bus so that they can use it during matches. This is a bad
choice which should be rectified.

Offline is so ignored

Without questions, even PES lovers know that the Ultimate Team and online modes in FIFA 15
is the best around. The modes and features are so amazingly designed that you get a great
experience playing in it, building your team towards victory and allowing your inner gamer
skills to enjoy the best.

But, the problem lies in the offline mode where Electronic Arts may have lent the least
possible attention. There are hardly any offline game modes to interest players. You can’t
earn more money in career mode and you are forced to be in Ultimate team all the time. What
happens when PSN and Xbox Live outages like the recent ones take place? You don’t game,
that’s all they say!

Cheating with Bread Sellers

EA has been accomplishing their best but bread sellers abide to blemish FIFA 15 for 18-carat
players because you calmly pay and body your ultimate aggregation by paying for those coins.
If transaction is all that matters, again it comes to those who can allow the highest. This
is cheating in a absolutely altered anatomy that the absolute internet has been accusatory
about but just like gaming and cine privacy, this doesn’t appear to an end so easily. There
are sellers and buyers who blemish the bold for anybody else.