Mu Legend 4 Classes As Well As The New Emphasizer

In Mu Legend, monsters’ DPS will increase exponentially as players level up. Compared to previous version, and gamers can expect more gameplay for wilderness maps. To name a few, random monsters with rare equipment, monster invasion, and newly added wilderness bosses for 20 gamers.

In the upcoming version, and the social interaction will be improved. Cheap Mu Legend Zen for sale at u4gm, and it’s time to buy it. It’s seems to that the OBT version doesn’t include the new Emphasizer but the 4 classes that already available in previous beta: Dark Lord, Blader, Warmage and Whisperer.

When it comes to Emphasizer, it have powerful ability, which can control weapons as well as enemy’s mind, immobilizing or mind-controlling a small group of targets. If you want to know more specific details about MU Legend, then check out the MU legend official website:

How to get a immersive game experience, and the developer hard work on creating tons of film-level 3D CG videos, and gamers can get a better understanding of the story. Addition, Mu Legend also features massively PVP and RVR contents, allowing gamers to enjoy the real time competitive gameplay on the mobile devices. Some gamers have great passion for buying Mu Legend Power Leveling.