Mu Legend Incorporates Three Separate Levelling Systems

Mu Legend empowers its gamers with an fast-paced as well as action-driven gameplay experience. Based on the best hack-and-slash tradition. Mu Legend is different from most current action RPG games. Originally, all classes in Mu Legend possess powerful area-of-effect skills. It dedicated to providing a truly satisfying and thrilling experience for gamers of all levels. Of course, with the help of Mu Legend Zen.

Compared to Mu Online, Mu Legend has widely successful, which is a stylish hack-and-slash MMO. As a prequel in the Mu universe, if you have attempt to thwart the Lord of Darkness, and the world will be likely into chaos. Currenty, overall the four classes can be choosen from in the beta, and the fifth class is in preparation.

Mu Legend was a very polished action RPG. MU Legend offers spectacular visuals that will run on lower-end systems as well as offer detailed art design with stunning effects. In addition, Mu Legend incorporates three separate levelling systems that enhance play in different ways. Gamers could buy Mu Legend Power Leveling by visiting official website U4GM.

Account Level: This is the sum of the Soul Levels of all the characters on the account. This offers permanent boosts for all characters.

EXP Level: Obtained by completing quests, dungeons, and defeating enemies, this levelling system automatically improves the character’s stats.

Soul Level: The Soul Level acts similarly to EXP Level, except the Soul Level has its very own tree to improve stats and passive abilities.

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