Final Fantasy XIV: New Graphics Engine And New Redesigned Map

FFXIV is indeed a pretty good game, at the same time, Final Fantasy XIV is a pretty good MMO. With a great amount of content updates coming, the content of Final Fantasy XIV is richer than previous gameplay. What are you thinking about now? How to buy cheap FFXIV Gil?

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Square Enix’s reboot of their MMO franchise, has already surpassed the company’s previous entry in the series, Final Fantasy XI. With over 600,000 active subscribers, FFXIV has more active players than FFXI did at its peak. Hence, there is no doubt thart Final Fantasy XIV is a wonderful gameplay.

And so Final Fantasy XIV lives on, but the game is almost unrecognizable. The visuals have been greatly improved, powered as they are by a new graphics engine, which Yoshida says needed to be as impressive as possible, thanks to the long life span of the MMO. Are you prone to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil right now?

The animation engine has been overhauled too, with the niggling lag that made the game feel so sluggish now eliminated. The maps have been redesigned, all-new assets have been created, and there are “hundreds” of new quests to complete, and dungeons to explore–a content quest finder will make them easier to find. More changes and improvements, recommend you an official website to visit: