Albion Online Developers Introduce Many Changes With New Update

Sandbox Interactive is working hard as it gets closer to the release of Albion Online. With the latest update, you’ve introduced some substantial changes to the game world, let’s find out.

Albion Online is destined to be the most discussed massive video game of the year. While on the one hand we have a closed beta active 24 hours a day 7 days a week and now you are just waiting for the launch date (which I remember on July 17), on the other hand we have a no competitor panorama. This obviously is focusing the players’ attention on this MMORPG sandbox that is responding positively among the various communities.

With the new update developers introduced the following changes:

  • A central (and single) hub will be added to the Outlands (Caerleon), other harbors will be removed in favor of new resource areas.
  • A portal will be added to Caerleon to send players to the Outland, with twelve destinations (4 for the low outlands, 4 for the medium outlands, 4 for the high outlands).
  • A feature will be added that will show the number of groups of 10+ players for the game maps.
  • The Outlands rewards have been revised.
  • T8 resources will only be available in Watchtower territories.

While not being a game expert these changes give me the idea of being additional balancing for PvP mechanics trying to diversify their gameplay. Players of “high level” (there are no levels in the game) will be able to give them a holy reason in the Watchtower territories, players who like to explore will now have new zones and groups seeking to wrap their hands can avoid long explorations in the maps seeing in advance if there are other groups of more than 10 players.

What do experts and veterans think about? Let us know in the comments! We swing from your lips.