Mu Legend Beginner Guide And Tricks: How To Choose Your Class

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As a MMORPGs gamers, they might already know that Mu isn’t a brand new title, as we all know already, Mu Online was released in 2013. You can choose from three distinct warrior classes, go questing to gain experience, and join forces with other players to make slaying the baddies that much more fun.

Each class has a unique set of skills that can be improved by upgrading them at the cost of in-game currency, or over time with use. For instance, Dark Wizards, on the other hand, use powerful spells that cost manna to fend off foes and don’t need to get too close. Dark Knights represent the traditional paladin role – tough, favouring close combat and wielding melee weapons.

Dungeons is also a vital part in the game, you can delve into the deep dark dungeons around the map to glean more EXP as well as Magic, Rare and Epic equipment to turn your character into a serious threat. More and more cheap Mu Legend Zen on hot sale at U4GM, don’t miss the best chance to get Zen, at the same time, you can get more professional beginner guides and tricks.