What New Things Will We See in Madden NFL 18

The release date of Madden NFL 18 is getting closer, in order to attract new players and keep the old players interested, EA released articles about Madden 18 are more and more, from which we can understand that in the next season, EA increased a lot of new games are played, but in the end what new things? I will introduce this article in detail in this article.


The Madden 18 release marks the first year that EA Sports will incorporate the Frostbite game engine into the franchise. For the field and FIFA fans, this is good news. This should increase the player’s portrait as well as the realities of the stadium and its surroundings. Coupled with the real cutting scene, in the demo area will be a leap. While the simple “looks better” is a good move for any game, I want to see it in order to help capture the appearance and feel of a real NFL stadium on the day of the game, not just polish the existing visual effects We want more stuff.
Maybe the pigeons are trailing with Frostbite’s inclusion, which is a new tunnel run and fireworks display. That sounds good, but if these are simple general cutting scenes, it is the same for each team / stadium, then it is wrong. The activities before the game, the start lineup and the attractions / sounds in the game should imitate as much as possible in their real life peers. I am fortunate enough to be able to participate in many cities in many NFL races, each venue or team has its own special nuances, so that they are unique and spectacular. This should be the lifeblood of Madden franchise.

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